Just a routine trip to the store…

I make it a point to leave the house at least once everyday with the boys, despite what the weather is doing. Number 2 is under the weather today so today’s plan was just a quick trip. I needed to go to the grocery, which is literally 5 minutes from my house, to get a couple of things. I had 6 necessities on my list. Well, 5 really, if things get too hairy, I could definitely skip the bay leaves.

So 10 minutes total driving time and 5 items to pick up, my trip should take a maximum of 30 minutes, right? Right??? Of course it’s winter here in Ohio and getting toddlers dressed in their winter gear is always an adventure, but not one of those fun kind of adventures of course. I already had everyone dressed so it shouldn’t be that hard. But…20 minutes later, I was finally finished running around like a madwoman, chasing down these wild men to get their shoes on their feet and their coats on and zipped. Task number 1 complete. Success!

However, hats were promptly removed and coats unzipped. Don’t they know I do these things to protect them from the cold??? No, no they don’t. Coats were rezipped and hats replaced and we were promptly heading to the door.

As I reach for the doorknob, it happens. Yep, I smell poop. Which one is it? It’s Number 2 of course, the hardest one to get changed. So it feels much like wrestling an alligator to get 2’s coats, shoes, pants, and diaper off only to find that there’s no actual poop. What?? How did that happen? So I struggle to put all the previously mentioned clothing items back on. I finally subdue the alligator and we are ready to go.

Now begins the second task-getting both kids strapped into their car seats. Number 1’s job is to sit on the front step while I get 2 strapped in so I can keep an eye on him for any major movement so he doesn’t get into the street and into harm’s way. Number 1 sits on the step while the alligator and I begin another wrestling match. Now I’m sweating despite the cold because I never took my coat off through the whole ordeal inside. Luckily, I defeat alligator and turn to 1 for his turn to get in his seat. Well, Number 1 has moved ever so slightly, not so slightly perhaps, to his right landing himself in a puddle of slushy water.

Now the debate. Unstrap alligator and take everyone back inside, or put 1 in the car as well, leave it running, lock it and run inside to get another pair of pants? If I chose option 2 and anyone found out about it, I’m sure I would be judged harshly, but I decide to take my chances. I make the mad dash inside, grabbed the pants and get 1 changed in the car, which he was most unhappy about, but we finally successfully make it to the store.

The hard part is over, I think to myself. We’re in luck when we get to the store. There is 1 race car cart left! Crisis averted. I put 2 in the cart and realize that it’s the cart with the broken seat belt. Number 2 has to have a seat belt because, well, you just can’t trust him. So I snap him in and then put Number 1 in, who immediately starts a mini-meltdown because he insists on having his seat belt snapped. I pretend to snap him in and actually say the word “snap!” out loud which seems to make him happy.

We got our 6 items (everyone was good so we got the bay leaves) and head to check out. I’m in luck again, there’s only 1 woman in front of us and she only has a few items. But, as it turns out, she is THAT woman. The one that stops to check the price on every item and requires that the manager come over to look up an item that she claims is on sale. Turns out, the item was not on sale, but she argues until she gets the sale price anyways. By now, the boys are getting really hot and cranky. The crying starts, the toys are being thrown. THAT woman turns towards the boys, at the time she is FINALLY supposed to be paying, and decides she wants to entertain the boys by playing with their cars. I want to say “Look lady, the only thing that is going to make these kids happy is to get moving, so let’s get moving!” But I don’t say that, I smile and make some nice comment.

Finally we get home and it’s time to prepare the dreaded dinner. I decide to be creative, but not too creative, since anything different is regarded as inedible. I make a simple version of fried rice. Just rice, eggs, and peas, some butter, and a little soy sauce. Now, they like all these items, so I think I’m pretty safe. And you know what, it was tasty! I sit everyone down for dinner and surprise!! Both boys clamp their mouths shut and refuse. So I had a nice dinner of fried rice and what did the boys have? Number 2 has 4 olives, yep, that’s it. But olives are vegetables of some sort, right? Number 1 had the entire pack of blueberries I just bought at the store for what seemed like $27 since they are out of season. Now that the blueberries are gone, what on earth will I feed the boys tomorrow??

That’s it for today, thank goodness! Have you had any similar experience with your littles? Leave a comment and let me know!

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