I am just a regular mom with two extraordinary children. I have had some of the toughest moments of my life raising my two toddler boys. I am here to talk about some of my experiences in the hopes of helping others feel less alone in the insanely difficult ride called parenthood.

So for all you moms and dads that are in the throes of parenting toddlers-whether it’s one, two, or more-I think it’s important for you to know you are not alone. There are days and situations where I am certain I may not survive, but somehow I find there’s always a way to get through it. I find comfort, and you may too, in knowing there have been many, many other parents that have been through this before…and they survived. So, there is hope! And somehow, on your worst days, a simple hug or sloppy kiss from your child can erase all the stress away.

If no one reads this, that’s fine too! I will have written proof to show my kids someday just why mommy has so many grey hairs!